Thermographic Surveys

Non destructive testing

Upon completion of a thermal imaging survey you will receive a detailed report.

  • The surveyor will use a high specification thermal imaging camera.
  • Next day report
  • Professionally trained Thermographers and electrical engineers.
  • Detailed management of all data received and Data Protection Act compliant.
  • Recommendations on how to eradicate the problems.
  • A full explanation on the procedure that has been conducted.

Structural & Buildings

This will find the areas of a building giving off heat and once remedied will save you money on energy bills. Also resulting in a lower carbon footprint and therefore helping the environment. The survey will find water leaks, roof leaks, draft issues and will identify causes of heat loss.



Electrical connections within a house / office / warehouse can produce heat if damaged or badly installed. This can result in a fire. Also a thermographic survey will save you money on your energy bills.


Marine & Offshore

With a thermographic survey numerous previously unknown defects are shown up via infra-red long before they are visible to the naked eye. Loose connections, defective fuses, faulty motors and overloaded circuits become apparent well before they become critical. Without the use of high tech thermographic imaging most of these problems go unnoticed until too late.
All surveys can be carried out without interruption to operations.



Protect your equipment from premature wear, replacement, also costly down time. A thermographic survey really is a great money saver.

Heat produced by friction.