Information Security Statement

It is the established policy of SeaLand Electrical to operate within the requirements of a documented Information Security Policy statement, as a means to comply with all statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements and to protect the interests, property and information of the company and of its clients and employees, against threats or loss.

In pursuance of this policy its stated requirements have been implemented together with the specified requirements of the company’s associated information security and computer system access management.

It is company policy to ensure that the use of documents, computers, mobile computing, mobile communications, mail, voice mail, voice communications in general, multimedia, postal services and fax machines must be controlled to prevent unauthorized use and to reduce security risks.

All employees have a responsibility not to compromise the company, e.g. by sending defamatory or harassing electronic mail, or by making unauthorized purchases, and, must also be aware that the confidentiality and integrity of information transmitted by E-mail or facsimile may not be guaranteed.

The Manager is responsible for managing information security, and he/she will also ensure that all employees are trained to understand, implement and maintain the security objectives set out in this Security Policy.

We publish this policy statement in the knowledge that the security of our company and its employees, products and client services, and our on-going good security reputation, depend upon the every day security awareness and actions of all our employees, both on-site and off-site.