Anti Bribery Statement

SeaLand Electrical is committed to carrying out our business transparently, fairly and operate a zero tolerance policy towards bribery. Incidents of bribery could lead to our reputation being damaged and also lead to deterioration in our relationship with customers, business and other stakeholders.

We will comply with the Act by following the principles of

  • Anti-bribery policies and procedures are proportionate to our activities, the sector in which we operate and the risks we face.
  • We will establish a clear culture within the organisation in which bribery is unacceptable.
  • We will understand the bribery risks we face by carrying out regular and comprehensive risk assessments.
  • We will make sure our partners and contractors also have common anti-bribery agreements in place.
  • We will take measures so that all employees, board members and business partners know the procedures to follow in situations which may be sensitive to bribery and that our anti-bribery policies are embedded in our culture.
  • We will monitor and review procedures designed to manage the risks of internal and external bribery and corruption.

We also have other controls in place to prevent bribery, corruption and related inappropriate conduct. These include:

  • Employee terms and conditions including contracts of employment.
  • Employees’ Code of Conduct.
  • Scheme of Delegation/Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.
  • Company Procurement Strategy.
  • Whistleblowing Policy.

We take our stance on bribery extremely seriously and mindful of the penalties which can apply in the event of a proven case of bribery.

Any person who has concerns about acts of bribery or what appears to be a suspicious transaction, payment or benefit given to or received by anyone whilst acting for us should contact the Managing Director.

If you have a general question or a requirement for further information on the Policy or any of the issues covered within it, please contact the Managing Director.